Budget-Friendly Finds: BabyFlo Oatmeal Bath

After being satisfied with the BabyFlo Shampoo, I’ve tried next is the Baby Flo Oatmeal Bath which I bought for only Php82 (200ml. what? 82 pesos lang talaga?! Yes!) I remembered I used this when I was pregnant with Sean, i had a very sensitive skin that time. My skin is super dry and itchy, i tried several mild soaps pero dito lang ako nahiyang. I never thought that I will be using this to Sean too. I’m lucky enough to try different soap or baby bath to Sean because he doesn’t have that super sensitive skin. I have tried several products due to the following reasons: malagkit sa skin, i don’t like the after smell, drying on skin, hard to find and expensive/not worth the price.

Warm Water Lemon Every Morning

Start your every morning with lemon water instead of coffee or tea. My 3rd week today since I started taking warm water lemon first thing in the morning (on an empty stomach). Actually, ginawa ko na to before, nung mga time na im preparing my body prior pregnancy and during my trying to conceive journey. Since I have PCOS, it’s very hard for me to lose weight, although I’m not that big but my height is not proportion with my body. Besides, we are trying to conceive that time so I listed down all the natural remedies to help my body fight against symptoms of PCOS.

Budget friendly finds: BabyFlo Baby Shampoo

Toddlers will always be toddlers. Sean love to skips, crawl and moves around. He is full of energy and he is so pawisin! As in even if he’s not moving, sobrang pawisin pa din sya what more pa if he moves a lot. I’d love to kiss him with singhot on his hair and neck but he smells not a baby anymore. His heads smell like he’s been under the sun all day. hehe.

Budget Friendly: DIY/Customized High Chair

Hi there, i just want to share with you my husband surprised for me and for Sean. I find it really really sweet. Here’s the scenario, i never knew that Harvey saw my comment in FB post inquiring about preloved high chair. I really want to buy high chair for Sean but not as decided to purchase a new one because i doubt he can used this for a longer period of time. So, been planning to purchased preloved nalang worth P500 only. But sadly wala ko makita, mga around P1500+ yun preloved kaya nag 15 months old na si Sean di pa din ako nakakabili, 😂 alam nyo naman #BUDGETarianMOM and i listed high chair as secondary needs only that can be used around 2 years i think. I also had a quick survey to some of my mommy friends, 5 out of 6 didn’t buy or use high chair for their little one but they survived.

Ano nga ba ang Tigdas Hangin?

Tigdas Hangin is also known as Roseola Infantum or Baby measles. It is different from measles, it is mild and very common infection for babies below 2 years old. Tigdas hangin is different from tigdas talaga (measles). Yun measles yun yung delikado. Kaya nga may vaccine para dun, kung mapapansin naten nagbabahay bahay pa yun mga health centers natin para ma make sure na may vaccine yun mga baby sa communities naten kasi delikado sya.