Sean’s 1st Birthday Pictorial : Remember Them Little Studio

Sean is turning one this coming April 1! I can’t believe that time flies so fast. Thinking it was only yesterday when I hugged him for the very first time and now my little prince getting ready to celebrate his first birthday. So, Harvey and I decided that we will not be throwing a big party for Sean rather have a studio pictorial for his 1st birthday. I really want to capture every single moment of my son.

Pants Diaper Pricetags in the Philippines

Diaper is something baby can’t live without. I’m one of those mother choosing disposable over cloth diaper. I’m a working mom and I don’t have enough time to do the laundry and spend high electricity and water bills. Since baby consumed 5 to 6x diaper per day, a total of more than a thousand diapers from new born up to age two or three. Maintaining baby’s need like nappies could be expensive that’s why price is one of the consideration in choosing what brand we should pick.

A BONNE Spa Milk Salt Review

I do love trying new product and this ABONNE’ Spa Milk Salt caught my attention when I was on the convenience store. I bought the 350 g. for only 65php. It is a moisturizing bath salt intended for whitening and smoothening like baby skin. Product was made in Thailand, as we know these days Thai products is gaining popular in terms of beauty / whitening products. Like Korean beauty, a lot of woman in Thailand has a very good complexion.

Getting Pregnant with PCOS

After being diagnosed with PCOS and failed getting pregnant over a year. Me and my husband decided to start fertility treatment but this time we want to be with Infertility expert. I found out about Dra. Marian Dichoso of DLSUMC. She was also the OB of my officemate who has fertility issue and a success story. She was not accepting walk in patients that’s why I make a call first and schedule for an appointment.

What to know about PCOS?

I haven’t had my period for 2 consecutive month but negative pregnancy test, I decided to consult an OB-Gyne. The doctor requested me for a TVS (Transvaginal Ultrasound). The result of my ultrasound was “within the right ovary are multiple, small, scattered follicle each measuring less than 1 cm in diameter suggestive of polycystic ovary”. I was so paranoid and goggled everything about PCOS.