Happy Super Dry Diaper Review

        Hello Momshie, Diaper has been one of the necessity of our baby. There’s a lot of products available in the market such as imported and local brands. Have you ever tried a generic brand/ local brand diaper? If not yet, but planning to purchase. I will be sharing to you my reviews so that it will be easier for you to decide.

       I have tried a lot of taped diapers – Pampers, Huggies , EQ Dry, EQ economy , Lampein , Happy Super Dry. To be honest, i’m scared trying generic brands since I don’t want to compromise the quality when it comes to my baby’s needs. But I was wrong when I thought all generic brands doesn’t have a good quality.

My baby consumed 5-6 diapers per day. When I realized not to give a try for local brands since its very expensive to maintain baby needs. I have tried Lampein but i’m not satisfied, you get what you pay for and what i don’t like is that because of its Plastic cover. I don’t recommend this one.

When we were having our grocery at Puregold. I went to diaper section and i saw a lot of genetic diapers. But since one of my momshie friend recommend me to try HAPPY super dry so I did. One pack of “Happy Super Dry Large” with 30 pcs. is worth 194 pesos which gives me 6.46 per diaper. Make sure you buy the “happy super dry” because there’s a regular happy diaper, much cheaper but the diaper cover of this one is plastic.

Actual photo of diaper with its very cute design.

What I like:
-cloth like cover ( same with huggies and pampers )

-super dry
-wider sides and no leak
-tape doesn’t easily detached


What I don’t like:
-I don’t think its available in all SM supermarket and leading stores.


I will recommend this to all of our practical momshies out there. Quality is superb and can be compared to imported or expensive brands. Actually based on my experience its much better than imported brands I’ve tried. Its the best taped diaper for me so far. Take Note momshie that to reduce rashes, always clean the baby every diaper change.

Here’s my Happy Baby!


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