A BONNE Spa Milk Salt Review

I do love trying new product and this ABONNE’ Spa Milk Salt caught my attention when I was on the convenience store. I bought the 350 g. for only 65php. It is a moisturizing bath salt intended for whitening and smoothening like baby skin. Product was made in Thailand, as we know these days Thai products is gaining popular in terms of beauty / whitening products. Like Korean beauty, a lot of woman in Thailand has a very good complexion.

FEATURES: Spa Milk Salt is a whitening and slimming product with milk formula and natural spa salt benefit. It provide nourishment to your skin with pure milk, dermawhite and allantoin. It removes dirt deposit and skin cell from the body giving you a new and radiant skin.

DIRECTION: Pour spa milk salt on your palm. Rub gently on a circular motion on wet skin. Leave it on your skin for 3 minutes the rinse off with clean water.

Actual photo look like iodized salt and dissolves fast on wet skin. It really smell like milk, then after my first scrub, I really feel its effectiveness. By the way, I apply the scrub after soap. I like the smell and after rinsing with water it leaves my skin is so soft and smooth. Salts are too sharp so better be gentle and don’t scrub too hard to avoid gashes. I rinse it right away after scrubbing because the first time I leave it on my skin for few minutes, I got rashes and feel a little bit itchy. And don’t used this on the part where you have cuts or wounds because is stings so hard.

What I like: It really soften, moisturized and makes my skin radiant look. Affordable and available in almost all leading stores.

What I don’t like: If you have sensitive skin, rashes and itchiness may occur but you can do the trick by not leaving on skin and add some water on salt to reduce roughness.

Overall. I will recommend this product and will surely purchase again. I believe exfoliating is a must for our skin. Enjoy Scrubbing!

2 thoughts on “A BONNE Spa Milk Salt Review

    1. As of now, i haven’t seen any lightening effect except the moisturizing and softening i feel to my skin. but i think it is possible if you’ll use this over a longer period of time since i just started using this 3 weeks ago.

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