Pants Diaper Pricetags in the Philippines

Diaper is something baby can’t live without. I’m one of those mother choosing disposable over cloth diaper. I’m a working mom and I don’t have enough time to do the laundry and spend high electricity and water bills. Since baby consumed 5 to 6x diaper per day, a total of more than a thousand diapers from new born up to age two or three. Maintaining baby’s need like nappies could be expensive that’s why price is one of the consideration in choosing what brand we should pick.

My Sean is using extra-large diaper these days that’s why I took note only XL size nappies in particular order based from most to least expensive.

I have tried all of the diaper stated above and none of them cause him rashes. I’m lucky because my baby doesn’t have sensitive skin when it comes to diaper and I have the frill to choose the brand I like. I also believe that cleaning your baby thoroughly every diaper change is a must to reduce rashes. As of now, Sean uses Happy Ultra Dry, one of my favorite.

If you’re a practical mom, choose the least expensive brands. Choose the one that has the best fit, fast absorbing/no leak and doesn’t cause any rashes without breaking your bank.

Another tips: Try the trial pack first, then after finding the one fits on your baby, always buy bigger pack to save more.

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  1. The price table is very helpful. I have tried all too but am now sticking with EQ pants. Good thing also that my baby does not have sensitive skin. I usually buy the trial packs too before buying them by boxes in Lazada. So happy with diaper pants as they’re much easier to put on my active toddler😊

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