Price of Milk Brands for Babies 1-3 Years of age

There are several formula milk brands available in the market. So if you would’nt be able to breastfeed your baby at this stage,  you might be thinking now what formula milk would you pick for your little one after he turned one. In order to help you find what’s best milk for your babies age 1-3. I listed the different milk brands below including their prices in no particular order.

Childhood Immunization Schedule: Cost and List of Vaccines for Baby

As parent, we want to protect our child to the best way we can. Our responsibility is not only by giving food, shelter, clothes, education and other necessity in life but we should also invest in their health. We have to make sure our little one completed their vaccine based on Childhood Immunization Schedule, you will see this chart on the back pages of your baby book. To help our future parents to be, I’ve listed below the vaccines given to Sean from birth up to date including cost, date and place it was given.

Mothers Day 2018

First, I would like to greet all lovely and gorgeous mommies of the universe a “Happy Mothers Day!”. This is the 2nd year that I will be celebrating mothers day as a mom. My wish this year is to have a 3 hours nap on the afternoon.  It was granted with the help of my husband. Ang dami namen naiisip puntahan kaninang umaga pero mas gusto ko talaga matulog. Besides, i was not feeling well yesterday, nagworst pa nga nun gabi, kaya i’d rather choose to stay at home and sleep. BTW, let’s go back with the celebration.

A Well Spent Leave

I filed my leave last week for Sean’s immunization schedule and my check up too. But i listed 5 task to finish today such as getting a student drivers permit, Sean’s check up to pedia, go to Security Bank and my check up to Ortho and OB-Gyne.

We woke up around 5:30 in the morning and leave our house before 7:00 am. Harvey and I arrived 7:30 am at the LTO Sabang Dasmarinas. I thought processing will took only 2 hours,like what Harvey had told me. But definitely not, i finished the whole process at 11:20 am. And we are in a hurry going home because Sean’s schedule to pedia was 11:00 am.

We picked up Sean at our house around 11:45 am. But after placing him into the car seat he poop! 😂 another cause of delay. We arrived at GentriMed knowing we are late already. But Sean’s pedia came before 1 pm. Dra. was late because she went to another hospital to undergo for an allergy test for her operation this week. So we are a little bit earlier with her. It seems that everything was fall into place. 😊

We choose not to bring Sean on my check-up so that he can have a rest after his varicella vaccine.

We arrived at Security Bank Dasma around 2:30 pm. Went to DLSUMC by 3 pm. I was really tired going up, down even if with elevator. Go to HMO for approval, Ortho’s clinic, OB’s clinic, Ultrasound Clinic, Industrial Clinic for Ultrasound approval, back and forth. It was supposedly at the Ortho’s Clinic only but after having a long cycle this month, i decided to consult an OB-Gyne, i think my PCOS is attacking me again. Besides, i have not been ultrasound yet after i gave birth to Sean last year.

After I had finished my ultrasound and while waiting for my turn to ortho, my head is started to ache. And I really want to go home after, but Harvey is requesting for Ramen before we go home. Since he accompanied and gave me a drive, i don’t have a reason to say no. 😂 We had our quick dinner and came home around 7:30 pm.


Will try to update this post next time. I need to rest now. Goodnight! 😘