Benefits of Shopping List

Everytime i walk into a grocery stores without a list, I ended up buying the things that I don’t really need. The colorful product on the shelves keep on whispering “Bilhin mo ko!”. The worst scenario is that i forgot to buy the product i actually needed and result to go back to the store again. And sad to say it always happen to me.

Since my goal now is to manage our expenses wisely. I realized, there’s only one thing that I shouldn’t forget whenever I go shopping and that is “My Shopping List”. Using a shopping list is always a smart move whether traditional like using a piece of paper or scratch, or a modern one using a mobile app. Pareho naman sila beneficial, your choice kung san ka mas kumportable.

Here are the reasons why you should bring a list on a regular basis before going to a grocery store.

Save Money. When you plan and list all the things you needed before going to the store. You’ll have an idea how much are you going to spend and if it fits on your budget. Less likely to buy things you don’t needed and focus on your list only.

Save Time. If you have your list, you can get out of the store once you completed the things you need to buy.You don’t have to roam around the whole store wandering what you really need or if you miss anything.

Discipline. It’s really fulfilling when you know you control yourself over impulse buying.It will be considered as an accomplishment cause product marketing strategies now was really hypnotizing. Mapapabili ka talaga.

Sharing to you my very own shopping list.

I put it on the door of our fridge w/ ref magnet so that everytime me or even my husband notice that there are items in the house that soon to be out of stock, susulat lang namin dun. Isa pang use nito is that whoever is available to do shopping, wether me or hubby, pwede kasi nakalista naman na lahat ng dapat bilhin.

5 thoughts on “Benefits of Shopping List

    1. Kaya nga lalo na yun mga promo na buy 1 take 1 napapabili ako kahit di ko pa naman need. Kala ko nakatipid ako pero di din pala.

  1. Agree to this, having a grocery list gives me na an estimate of how much ang total na babayaran. And it also helps prevent na may malimutan na ingredient sa recipe/meals, saves time as well 🙂

  2. That’s what I need: discipline to make a grocery list. Truth be told, I don’t really list down what to buy, I just keep in mind kung ano kailangan. But I still forget stuff so I end up buying again middle of the week! Haha! I really should make a grocery list when I go out.

  3. I also agree. Having a list is a must. Ours naman is different. I have a list of the usual things I buy at the grocery store and check if these need to be replenished.

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