NAN AL110 for Babies with Diarrhea

Nan Al 110 is NAN AL110 is a Lactose Free special Dietary Formula for infants in the dietary management of lactose tolerance/ mal-digestion during & after diarrhea and can be used according to the advise of health care professionals. It is manufactured by Nestle. – details from google.

So, let’s start with the story, my son poops watery more than 5x that day at naalarma ang #OA momsh nyo. As per pedia advised, observed if he poop right after nya magmilk. Then, she requested for fecalysis if the next day ganun pa din. While we are still observing him, we keep Sean hydrated by offering him a water with hydrite salt everytime he poop, as advised by his pedia (100 ml of water w/ hydrite every poop). Sadly, the next day ganun pa din. I went on mercury drug to check what possible over the counter milk for diarrhea and i’ve also heard about NAN AL110 from my mother before. Besides the pharmacist told me that it is ok to purchased this milk without prescription. According to him din, it is temporary milk only while my son has diarrhea, i can replaced din once ok na si baby. So, i decided to try it but if there is no improvement, will bring Sean to his pedia na. I bought 1 small can of NAN AL110 which cost around P600+ (i forgot the exact price).

We offer this milk to Sean right after i came home or should i say before his bedtime. Sad to say he doesn’t like the taste of the milk, parang maduduwal sya nun unag tikim nya. Hindi nya naubos yun tinimpla ko, mga 3 oz lang yun naconsumed nya (he normally consumed 6 oz before bedtime). Pero nung madaling araw, he was crying for milk so we offer it again, he consumed 5 oz, siguro gutom na talaga sya kaya tiniis nya nalang yun lasa. Then the next he poop only once pero slightly watery pa din. We offer again on the next day, ok pa din poop nya, once lang but this time hindi na watery. On the third day, we alternate the feeding with his regular milk with al110, ok pa din yun poop nya.

NAN AL110 was really effective, you’ll see result in 1 day. Though humina magfeed si Sean during the days he was on NAN AL110 because of the taste of the milk but still its very effective to treat diarrhea. He’s on his regular milk now and symptoms free na ng diarrhea.

Reminder mga mommies, diarrhea is a serious problem because it may cause dehydration. So if you’ll notice that your baby is not as active as normal or matamlay better bring to the nearest hospital/center or to their pedia. I did this over the counter trial because eventhough Sean has diarrhea, he’s very active parang walang nararamdam except yun nagpoopoop sya every feed and we keep him hydrated.

Check the feeding table below.

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  1. Hi! My one-year old has been advised to try AL110 to alleviate watery poops. May I know in which Mercury Drug branch are you purchasing AL110? Thanks.

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