Budget-Friendly Finds: BabyFlo Oatmeal Bath

After being satisfied with the BabyFlo Shampoo, I’ve tried next is the Baby Flo Oatmeal Bath which I bought for only Php82 (200ml. what? 82 pesos lang talaga?! Yes!) I remembered I used this when I was pregnant with Sean, i had a very sensitive skin that time. My skin is super dry and itchy, i tried several mild soaps pero dito lang ako nahiyang. I never thought that I will be using this to Sean too. I’m lucky enough to try different soap or baby bath to Sean because he doesn’t have that super sensitive skin. I have tried several products due to the following reasons: malagkit sa skin, i don’t like the after smell, drying on skin, hard to find and expensive/not worth the price.

The Baby Flo Oatmeal Bath is suitable for baby’s dry skin. It is gentle ans enriched with colloidal oats that has the ability to absorb and seal in moisture. Colloidal oats is used as skin treatment or as moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly and itchy skin. Baby flo Oatmeal Bath is beneficial to baby with very sensitive skin. Evethough Sean doesn’t have sensitive skin, i still choose Baby Flo Oatmeal Bath because:

  • It is mild and gentle.
  • I love the smell.
  •  It really moisturize Sean skin.
  • Sean’s skin was so smooth and soft after bath. ( lalong ang sarap sarap i cuddle )
  • Super affordable and can be compare to other expensive brands.
  • Available in all leading supermarkets, malls and drugstore.

Hindi kailangan mahal ang pagmamahal. Super smooth and soft talaga sa skin mga mommies. A must try! promise. Another product I add to my budget friendly finds. 😊👍

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