Tips on how to save on your groceries.

When Harvey and I got married, we choose to live separately from our parents. Thus means, we are responsible for all the household chores and expenses like meralco, water bills and groceries. Groceries is on the top large and recurring expenses for every couple or family. We didn’t notice this until Sean came to us. We spent around 10,000+ in our groceries including our son’s stuff such as diaper, formula milk, hygiene and more. This may sound cheaper for those families having the huge number of member. The higher the number of family member, mas malaki ang expenses.

Some studies says “shopping relieves stress”, maybe the reason why I feel so happy and relaxed every time I go on shopping. But since expenses goes up and price of goods drastically increases, a stress reliever shopping can turn into debt burden. Sa sobrang mahal ng mga bilihin talaga naman mapapalunok o mpapakamot ka nalang ng ulo.

But there are ways to reduce our expenses on groceries. Here are the 5 tips on how we can save on our groceries.

  1. Always bring your grocery list. A grocery list is a must. Why? Because if we have the list, we can estimate and set our budget. We can also eliminate our wants and prioritize our needs. This will also prevent us to impulse buying. You may check the importance of grocery list in shopping on my previous blog.
  2. Do not bring your spouse and children. I think 99% of mommies would agree on this. Bringing our husband and children would only add expenses to our groceries. The colourful shelves attracts them so much that ended up begging you buy for them. Thus, add only on your bill and most of these items are not your list or budget. So better go to grocery stores alone.
  3. Buy most frequently used items in bulk size. Buying in whole sale or in bulk size is much cheaper compare to sachet. But this is applicable to the most frequently used product in our house like cooking oil, diaper, toothpaste, shampoo etc.
  4. Make sure your stomach is full before going to the grocery store. If you go to the store with hungry stomach, you’ll end up buying foods inside the mall or maybe outside. Nakakagutom magshopping kasi nakakapagod din maglakad lakad around the store at mas lalong nakakgutom kapag madami kang food na nakikita, right? So better eat at home first before going to the grocery store para hindi na mapagastos.
  5. Do shopping as fast as you can. If you want to save on your grocery, wag na tumambay sa store. Focus on your list and then go to the cashier once done. No need to go the aisle where you no longer needed because your eyes and mind will just tempted to buy things that’s not listed on your list.

Above all of this, the most important thing you must have every time you go on shopping/ groceries is “self-discipline”. Self-discipline until these tips becomes your habit. And I’ll promise you, you will be surprise that you’re not only saving money but save time. Then, you will be able to accomplish other essential task.

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