COG Ladies Ministry Grand Fellowship: Make a difference

It was last week of July when me and my husband together with our son Sean started attending sunday service at the Church of God- Dasma. Sobrang sarap ng feeling, iba yun presensya ni lord sa lugar na to, ramdam na ramdam mo. It’s really overwhelming, from the time we enter the church until we go home, dala namin yun word ni lord. We came to the point that our sunday wouldn’t be complete without going to COG to praise, worship and thanks god for all of his blessing and ofcourse to hear his words.

Every sunday, all upcoming events were flashed into screen and one of that is the Ladies Ministries Grand fellowship. They are calling all woman wether single, married or already a mom to join them. I’m so interested and invited also my college friends Roxane and Garlyn. Pare-pareho kaming mga bago lang nagchuchurch sa COG. Kaya ang dami pa namin gustong malaman. We want to be connected, yun hindi lang basta kami nagchuchurch every sunday.

October 20,2018 – our first time to attend fellowship.The fellowship started exactly at 6:30 pm.

Worship songs and then may play pa na hinanda yun ladies. Nakakatuwa lang kasi while watching, garlyn and I, both imagine ourselves na time will come. Kami na yun nandun sa harap. The paly illustrate the different seasons in a womans life.

1. Spring Season – The season when we started thingking about our dream boy, our crush. The time were we started to fall inlove.
2. Summer Season – The season when we had our own family and our focus is our husband and our children. Every hug and kiss from them is more than enough for us.
3. Rainy Season – The season when we woman felt tired of all the household chores, work, and other responsibilities as a home maker.
4. Fall Season – The time that our children was already grown up and had decision and life on their own. The time they even ignore us and sometimes the time having diffucult choices between our husband.
5. Winter Season – The season when we get old and about to surrender our life to the lord.

No matter what seasons in a woman’s life you are right now, we can make a difference just like the life of Queen Esther. She was willing to take the risk for the sake of her nation Israel. The message of tonights events.

We as a mom do our best to serve our family, to sacrifice for our children and husband. Despite of all the challenges and trial we stay strong for them. That’s the characteristic of a woman. A woman who was called by god. I received and accepted his tonight message to me. I know it is not coincidence that I was there, it is his will, his plans for me,for us.

Tonight, I choose to make a difference. I asked lord god our father to walk with me, to give meaning and purpose to my life. I’m on a summer season of my life today and I asked lord god to use me, show me how to take who I am, who I want to be and what i can do and use it in purpose greater than myself. Allow me to serve him and surrender everything to him.

Thank you lord for calling me tonight.
Roxanne, Me, Garlyn
We paid P100 for the snacks. Plus may souvenir pa! 😊

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