Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste Review

Some of my fellow mom friends asked me, what toothpaste brand I used on my 1 year old son.

Today I’m going to share with you my full review on Aquafresh Milkteeth and why we choose it over other well-known brand.

Aquafresh milk teeth toothpaste claimed that is specially designed for children 0-2 years, providing gentle care and cavity protection for milk teeth to help ensure that their adult teeth come through healthy & strong. It has a baby-friendly gentle mint flavour, free from artificial colours or flavour, gentle cleaning, low abrasivity and designed by dental expert.

Direction and Ingredients:



I’ve been looking for a toothpaste with fluoride since it was advised by Sean’s pedia. When Sean had his first 4 tooth, his pedia gave me a toothpaste which she brought outside the country. It has a 1000 ppm flouride protection same with Acquafresh milk teeth. His pedia also said “ Kapag walang flouride, hindi maganda iyon.” Glad we’ve found aquafresh milkteeth because most of the toothpaste found at the malls and supermarkets are flouride-free.

I bought the Aquafresh Milk Teeth at the Mercury drug, 50 ml is P60 only. Super Affordable, he’s been using for more than 3 months na, sobrang dami pa din. Since we use smear amount only 2 times a day, before bath time and bedtime. Safe to swallow but in minimal amount only so better supervised your child most especially if he doesn’t know how to spit out yet.

Just to add, according to Fluoride help to prevent cavities, strengthen weakened tooth enamel, reverse early tooth decay, limit the growth of bacteria and slow the loss of minerals from tooth enamel.

In conclusion, I will recommend this product. Not only because it is affordable but also it is recommended by our pedia.

Sharing with you the photo of my son.

Show me your teeth baby! 😄

Your Budgetarian Mom,

Mommy Rhej ❤❤❤

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