PhotoGrid_1518238138801Hi! I’m Regina “Rhej” Demdam – a wife to Harvey and a super MOM to Sean. I’m not really a writer, so please bear with my composition. I started this blog to document my experienced and share everything I discovered. When I become a wife and a mother, my life revolves around my family. They are my inspiration and my love to them motivates me to write about my journey in marriage and motherhood, the food I cooked for them, the places we have been, the products I love and tips on how we live practically. Aside from that, after I won my battle of infertility over PCOS, I think it’s about time to share my story too, that’s why it deserves to have a special place here in my Blog. Enjoy Reading!

“The BUDGETarin MOM” loves to share every single budget friendly finds. When I became a mom, my priorities in life change, my lifestyle and how i manage our finances. Every peso we spent is from our hard earned money. Being matipid is being wise. Why we have to spend a lot if we could find an alternative items or solutions where we could save more.

#BUDGETarianMOM thoughts.😊


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